Sunday, January 8, 2017

Langtang Valley Charity Trek In Nepal

Magic Expedition Trekking & Tours is a re-known family business. For over a decade, the agency offers some of the best quality tailor-made packages for both nature & wild life lovers, cultural adventurers and those who seek to volunteer as they pass through Nepal. Understanding the impact this has on the country and its people.
For over a decade, we have partnered up with Nepal Highlander Orphan Children’s Care Association. NHOCCA is dedicated to providing aid to the children of Nepal particularly on the mountainous regions of the country.
One of our ‘best-seller’ trekking and volunteering packages at Magic Expedition Trekking & Tours is the Langtang package. This is greatly due to our commitment in promoting the Langtang famous trekking region in Nepal, now considered ground zero of the April 2015 Earthquake.
It’s majestic beauty and tranquility, and the uniqueness of the hospitality of the Langtang people are just a few reasons as to why it is worth visiting now. All proceeds from package fees are donated to NHOCCA and are part of their various programs in improving education and the daily needs of its people. Come join us in this ‘historical charity tour’ to help children.