Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Encounter with wild animals" Jungle Safari in Nepal

After driving 6 hours to the 90 Km southwest of Kathmandu in inner Tarai there is a subtropical forest of Chitwan which was the first forest area designated to be national park in 1973 and later declared a world heritage Natural Site by Unesco in 1984. In the park 43 species of animals is recorded. In which 600 one horned Rhinoceros, 106 tigers is been estimated to be habitate in this park. Similarly other mamals like Leopard, Gaur (Indian Bison), Wild Elephant,  Sloth bear, Fresh water dolphin, Rhesus monkey, Langur, Wild boar, stripped hyena, Jackal,Dhole (wild dog), Ratel, Palm civet, Mongoose, various antelopes, Samber deer, spotted deer, hog deer, barking deer, etc. Ghariyal, a crocodile native of Chitwan is most spectacular reptile and Other crocodile species is Magger. Similarly reptiles like python, monitor lizard, Pangolin, Tortoise, King Cobra and other 19 snake species also available being habitat there. There are 485 different bird species. The forests, grasslands, and wetlands of Nepalese Jungles are habitat for birds.