Monday, October 12, 2015

Why Magic Expedition Travel and Tour for Nepal Holidays?

Why Magic Expedition and Tour for Tourism Services in Nepal ?
Majestic/Affordable/Genuine/Iconic/Convivial .
Stating that Nepal and the Himalayas can offer you majestic sights sounds like an understatement. From the gorgeous vistas of the Annapurna to the Everest base camp, simply experience the top of the world our way. Whether you feel sporty or want to relax, enjoy a tremendous variety of activities at affordable prices. Explore both world-renowned  nature and culture, at the pace you like. We, at Magic Expedition, guarantee complete packages for all budgets, from 3 to 64 days duration. Experience Nepal from inside - our 100% Nepali team will provide you genuine welcome and support. Our company believes that local-rooted business always makes a difference, and our faithful guests definitely don't prove us wrong. Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India... How many iconic places can you imagine in these legendary countries ? Guess what, they're all at your fingertips. Feel the unique Kathmandu vibe, explore Lhasa's spirituality, discover the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan or stand before the Taj Mahal, with us. Magic, we told you. Be part of our lifestyle at one of our hotels in Kathmandu. Hectic tourist hub Thamel holds Hotel Lily, when peace lovers will enjoy Hotel Kathmandu Garden and its swimming pool. Whatever you choose, you will feel the convivial spirit that drives us right away. Feeling hungry ? Enjoy a meal at La Thamel Brasserie. A tip ? Ask our english-speaking staff whenever, they'll be happy to help.